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Since 2008, we’ve amassed over 1000 shows under our belts. We know what the public want to see and what shows work best at events. Not only do we have our show formats dialled, we know how to make events organisers’ jobs as easy and enjoyable as possible. If we do say so ourselves ūüôā Our shows can be adapted¬†to satisfy your needs,¬†from incorporating your branding, squeezing into awkward spaces or tailoring our commentary to your needs.

There are three core stunt shows available, which are tailored to your event. For a bigger bang, we can add more riders and features, in tight spaces we can bring less equipment etc etc. But here are our three main tried-and-tested shows:

‘Trials Battle Show’:¬†¬£1699 + fuel

trials_battle_boxKey Features: Compact space requirements | Intimate viewing
General Description: A head-to-head competition between two of our trials stars¬†on towering platforms separated by huge gaps, ladders and skinny poles. Riders battle for supremacy in a series of challenges and vow for the biggest cheer from the crowds. This show is great for indoor spaces where vehicle access isn’t possible, or for tight spaces where our big air show won’t fit.
Performances: Typically 3 x 20-minute shows per day
Requirements: up to 12m x 12m space | Mainly level surface | Trolley access

‘Big Air Show’: ¬£1999 + fuel

Big Air Cycle Stunt Show ScotlandKey Features: Biggest, baddest show in the UK | Focal-point event feature
General Description: This is as big and as bad as it gets! Out trials ace is joined by our big air ramp rider pulling off huge jumps, flips and other tricks. The show is a massive spectacle ideal for a central feature, and builds towards a finale that has to be seen to be believed! This one is great for events with bigger crowds looking for highlights in the event timetable.
Performances: Typically 3 x 20 -minute shows per day
Requirements: 35m x 12m space | Mainly level surface | Vehicle access

‘Big Air Show’ + Added Rad: ¬£2299 + fuel

Gillian Walker with The ClanKey Features: All of the Big Air Show PLUS an extra rider
General Description:¬† With ‘Added Rad’, you get all the benefits of the Big Air Show but with some juicy extras.¬† We will bring with us an extra rider who will appeal to a wider audience, either a female rider or a young apprentice (school age).¬† This is to provide a cycling role model for children watching, giving them a hero to look up to.¬† Our show will also include more giveaways, autographs with the team and plenty of time for the children to meet the riders and ask them plenty of questions!
Performances: Typically 3 x 20 -minute shows per day
 Requirements: 35m x 12m space | Mainly level surface | Vehicle access


We’re very open about our costs at The Clan. We know we’re not cheap and never will be, instead concentrating on the quality of our shows and customer service, as well as investing in our riders and their equipment. Our customer feedback shows consistently that our customers are satisfied with our value for money and a lot more than satisfied with the quality of our services!¬†We always strive to keep our prices as low as possible. That’s part of our commitment to make sure we exceed the expectations of our customers.

Get in touch: info@clanstuntshow.com or call Iain on 07866 776 640

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