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Here are some of the most frequent enquiries we receive regarding booking the Clan and how we go about working with you. Once we have a confirmed booking at your event, we will supply you with our ‘method statement’ which is a comprehensive document detailing everything to do with our services and what we need from you and your event site.


Q. Are there any other costs apart from your package fees?
A. Our quoted prices include everything required to execute our activities on site, including all equipment, power, PA system, portable barriers – you simply need to set aside space for us to do it in. The only other charge we make is for events outwith the Central Belt of Scotland. We then charge £0.80/mile to cover our significant fuel costs. If you want to use google maps to calculate this, simply use our EH49 6QY postcode to work out the distance. Certain multi-day events over 100 miles from our base in Linlithgow may incur a subsistence cost to accommodate our team.

Q. Is it cheaper to book you for a half day or to do only two shows?
A. No. Unfortunately our charges are per day, and we can do up to three shows in that day. Because of our travel, set-up and break-down times, we can only undertake one event per day, hence charging a daily rate.

Q. Can we find a sponsor for your show or rebrand it with our own logos?
A. Yes. We can rebrand our rig with new logos. We often do this and can provide you with the costs to do so. Either provide us with your artwork or we can supply your designers with templates for our rig banners. Our printer can make the banners and give them to us and we will even put them up on our rig so you can rest assured it is job done. We can also produce bunting with your branding to replace our Clan bunting which we use to surround our area. However, we would request that our team remain in their team kit as it is a comfortable fit and good identity for them. Just get in touch if you want to investigate other ways of integrating a brand/sponsor into our show. Please note it is your responsibility to find a sponsor and secure the necessary funds, we cannot chase sponsors or chase your sponsors for payment. We are quite happy to suggest potential sponsors and help you sell the idea to your sponsor, however any event booking agreement and payment terms must remain between ourselves and you/your event.


Q. Can you provide adequate health & safety paperwork?
A. Yes of course. We realise how important water-tight H&S is with an activity which thrives on risk. We also realise that being safe is not enough, lots of lovely paperwork to prove this is the requirement of all events. We have £5m public liability insurance which covers bike displays and activities including the public. In addition to this, we ensure our staff to £10m. On confirmation of your booking, we will provide you with our detailed health & safety guidelines which also includes the risk assessments for our activities

Q. Can you provide us with marketing materials?
A. Yes. We can provide professional, high resolution photos for your brochures, press releases etc and can also provide the videos on our media page to help you secure funding, sponsorship or approval. In addition to this we can provide you with some exciting content for your promotional material. Once your booking is confirmed, you will be given log-in details to our ‘client zone’ which contains all of this.


Q. Can you do your show in bad weather?
A. Yes. Come rain or shine our show can go on. Our stunt rig is fitted with grip surfacing so the riders can still pull their tricks in slippery conditions. The riders also alter their equipment in harsh weather conditions to be able to continue. Some stunts may become restricted in high winds or heavy rain/snow etc but such is the nature of the British climate!

Q. Our event site is limited in space, are you flexible in your space requirements?
A. Yes. We have undertaken small trials shows in 5m x 5m spaces and can squeeze our dimensions to a certain extent to work around your site. Simply send us a site plan or discuss some of the areas you have to work with and we can make something work. Our method statement will help you allocate the correct space for our show.

Q. Will your show damage our ground?
A. No. We understand that some event sites are sensitive to erosion and we can make arrangements to prevent damage. We have done our full air show and have-a-go activities in such circumstances and come away without causing significant damage to grass. We have even done the full show on an archaeological site and gone as far as purchasing new bollards that don’t impact on the ground! It is inevitable that repeated bicycle tracks will leave a mark on grass, but our precautions mean any deposit for keeping your site intact should be safe with our activity. Also please bear in mind that our vehicle and trailer must be at the exact spot of our show for the ‘Big Air Show’ because it is part of the equipment. Therefore access across wet grass may leave marks.

Q. Which riders will be at our event?
A. When booking The Clan, you book the show, not specific riders. We have a pool of riders who can come together in any combination to make our show as amazing as always. Often we need to change which riders attend particular events as our diary fills up, and indeed sometimes their diaries fill up. You are of course welcome to feature the team on your website, however it is best not to state which specific riders will be at your event in case of any late changes.

Q. Can we use your PA system and maybe even your area for other features?
A. Yes. We are happy to be the centrepoint of your event site and for you to use our powerful PA system to make announcements or to present other features at your event. Often our cordoned-off area is used to feature other acts, such as break-dancers, musical acts etc. We simply need to ensure that our space is suitable and safe for them to do so.

Get in touch: info@clanstuntshow.com or call Iain on 07866 776 640

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