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You can submit a booking enquiry form at the base of this page or by opening it here.

We see our job as making your job as easy as possible. We understand the pressures of events organisation having done it for over 15 years ourselves. We know you have a thousand things to do and only enough time to do half of them. Incorporating The Clan into your event should take up no more than an hour of your time, unless you want to do extra marketing work surrounding our attendance. From first point of contact, we can have a booking confirmed within a week including providing you with a full method statement, risk assessment and insurance documents so you can rest assured your event will go perfectly.

The average booking process:

1. YOU submit a booking enquiry form, contact us by email ( or phone 07866 776 640 with your enquiry.

2. WE answer your queries, confirm availability, costs (we can send an official quote) and reserve provisional availability in our calendar so you have first refusal.

3. YOU (hopefully!) confirm you are happy to go ahead

4. WE send you an invoice for a booking deposit to confirm things.

5. YOU confirm the booking by paying the deposit invoice and WE provide you with marketing resources and all the H&S paperwork you require.

From your first contact, we’ll commit to providing you with a single point of contact and a mobile phone number for that contact (most probably Iain on 07866 776 640). From there, we will commit to always respond within 48 hours of your contact and will always aim to get back to you the same day, although this may be out of office hours due to the nature of our work. Our emails go straight to our phones so there are no excuses not to get back to you!

Our booking process is designed to ensure you have the information you need, when you need it. We prefer to do paperwork electronically, sending .pdf files through the web. Once a booking is confirmed, we will provide you with our Health & Safety documentation within 48 hours.

To confirm a Clan booking, we require 50% of the total amount due as a deposit, or our full fee. We will invoice you the deposit amount once a provisional booking has been made. Government bodies and agencies may provide a purchase order for the full amount instead of providing a deposit if required to do so. Once the event is complete, we will invoice for the remaining 50% of our fee unless you choose to pay our full fee up front.


Booking Terms and Conditions:

We aim to treat everybody fairly. By placing a booking, you agree to the following terms and conditions. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. In the following conditions ‘we’ are the company Clan Biking Ltd and ‘you’ are the person or organisation booking The Clan.

1. Booking – To book The Clan, this can be done either by emailing, or by phoning bossman Iain on 07866 776 640. A booking is deemed to have been made once a deposit has been paid (or purchase order provided by certain organisations).

2. Deposit – To secure a booking, 50% of the agreed fee must be paid to Clan Biking Ltd as per invoice sent to you. Government bodies or large organisations whose regulations do not permit deposit payments may provide a purchase order for the full amount.

3. Payment – The balance of our fee is due within 14 days of your event completion. Please note we are a small business and prompt payment is essential for us to pay our riders on time. It is solely the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure payment, even if there has been an agreement by a third party to pay our fee. Any issues with prompt payment after the event must be discussed with us prior to your event.

4. The Event Site – It is important that prior to booking that our method statement is examined and any queries/issues raised regarding your site. It is your responsibility to ensure your event site is suitable and we cannot be held liable for not fulfilling the booked package due to problems with your event site that we have not been informed about. An unsuitable site which cannot comply with our risk assessments will be regarded as a cancellation and will be subject to the cancellation policy below.

5. Cancellation by you – We try to run as fair a policy regarding cancellation as possible. Cancellation prior to sending a deposit results in no charge as your booking is not confirmed. Cancellation once your deposit has been received results in the following:

a) More than two months prior to your event: full refund available.

b) Between one and two months prior to your event: 25% OTAF (Of Total Agreed Fee) held as a deposit on any event booking within six months. If no event booked within six months this amount is forfeited. Any amount paid over and above 25% OTAF will be refunded.

c) Less than one month prior to your event: First 25% OTAF forfeited. If 50% deposit has been paid, the second 25% OTAF will be held as a deposit on any event booking within six months. If no event booked within six months this amount is forfeited. Any amount paid over and above 50% OTAF will be refunded.

6. Cancellation by us – There will have to be a very good reason for us cancelling our attendance. Once your booking is confirmed and a deposit is received we will not cancel our attendance unless there are circumstances beyond our control. In this case we will give you a full and immediate refund. If cancellation is within one month of your event we will endeavour to help you fill our place with a similar act and will also offer a 15% discount on any booking made within one calendar year.

7. Changes by you – We understand that some minor changes to our booking may be necessary to ensure the successful running of your event. In particular changes to our space, event timings etc can be discussed and managed appropriately. It is important that such changes are minor and we are notified timely. We cannot be held liable for changes by you which prevent us from completing our activities as planned unless we have been informed and have agreed to the changes. Any changes by you which result in the need for additional workload or resources may result in an additional charge.

8. Changes by us – Our booking will be executed as per the method statement we provide to you. There may be the need for minor changes to our activities however we will not make significant changes without your agreement and will not make changes which decrease the overall value of our package without agreement and appropriate reimbursement. Any significant changes will be agreed with you in advance and will be updated in our method statement.

9. Services provided by third parties – When booking a product or service provided by a third party, the contract for that product or service is between you and the third party. Incorporation of a third-party activity into a Clan package does not constitute part of The Clan service bound by these terms. Prior to booking, you will be notified of any product or service provided by a third party and will be given their terms and contact details.

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